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Amazing, blessed and unforgettable - Bro Tom M

16/11/2009 12:09

Bro TomThere are three words that I would describe my experience attending the 25th Anniversary in the Philippines. Amazing, blessed and unforgettable.

It was my first time to attend an anniversary in the Philippines. It was great for it was not just a normal anniversary, but it was the 25th anniversary and I was with my wife and my son.

I was amazed with the faith of our brothers and sisters in the Philippines. Umulan man o  umaraw they are happily worshipping our Almighty God. I was also amazed seeing fellow worshippers coming from all over the world joyfully celebrating the event.

My family and I were blessed for we believed that it was a journey of faith that brought us there. We were blessed and inspired seeing our brothers and sisters in faith who were less fortunate but are still standing and growing with our Lord. At hanggang sa ngayon ay patuloy na ibinubuhos ng Diyos sa amin ang Kanyang pagpapala.

I will never forget the Australia night, Shrine Inauguration and the 25th Anniversary celebration in Luneta. These will always be in my heart.

Purihin ang Diyos.

Bro Tom Merjudio

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