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Big Thank You - from the Melbourne Chapter

03/06/2011 19:08

On behalf of the EL SHADDAI - PPFI MELBOURNE CHAPTER, please allow me to extend to all SYDNEY CHAPTER our deepest gratitude and appreciation for the assistance and presence to celebrate our 17th Thanksgiving Anniversary. It was a complete vistory for the glory of YAHWEH EL SHADDAI ! Your presence and, of course, your music of praise & worship have made our celebration a big..big success ! Also, thank you to the Disciple-Preacher, Bro. Jhun Ilagan, for his healing message and Bro. Frank for representing the Sydney Council. We hope to celebrate more years of anniversary with all of you. God bless us all.


Bro Francis


I would like to make a follow-up to the BIG THANK YOU note. In behalf of the core of the Melbourne Chapter, from yours truly,  to our Assistant Coordinator, Sis. Giggs Soledad and our Secretary/Treasurer, SIs. Femia Cruz, we would also like to thank the Wagga-Wagga Prayer Partners for their recent support to our anniversary headed by Sis. Merriam and Bro. Jim. Your continuous support and presence in our anniversary is greatly appreciated and we pray that EL SHADDAI will continue to bless your prayer group and multiply your flock as we pray for more prayer partners to come and open their hearts to God's calling.  And for the S\ydney Chapter, we could not emphasize enough our great appreciation for your support  to our praise and worship part. Your great songs and good musicians and angelic choirs touched our hearts and made us more closer to God.  We pray in return for the success of your coming anniversary in October.  For Bro. Jhun, thank you very much for the meaningful message. Your message is very much appreciated and we hope for more contact with you in the future. To Bro. Frank a big thank you also for the support and advice.

To husband and wife team, sis. tess and bro. benjie; sis. fe and bro. nilo; bro. peewee and sis. belle and all the others that i missed to mention thank you so much for coming ! Your presence made a lot of impact to us. Thank you for being there always.
And to the rest of the Melbourne members, active and non active, thank you so much for coming and we pray continuously that our group will stay united in love, peace and camaraderie in Jesus' name. To Bro. Francis, thank you for the inspirational message and support as well. To Sis. femia, the brain behind our stage decoration, thank you for the great effort. Well done brothers and sisters.
Hurray to Yahweh El Shaddai! To God be the glory!

Sis Winnie, Sis Giggs, Sis Femia

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