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09/12/2012 19:28

Praise God in the highest & glory to son Jesus Christ our Lord most high!

Peace, grace, blessings and Love from our Lord be with you all!


Dear brothers & sisters,

Above all, we want to give all our thanks and praise to our dearest Yahweh El Shaddai for all the blessings, guidance, miracles, divine protections, wisdom and most of all for HIS greatest love to all of us, that HE has made our anniversary celebration a most amazing glorious, consecrated, remarkable and successful to live through. Amen!
All these things happens, because of HIM! Through the grace, mercy and love of our God, as we believe and act according to HIS will. Amen!     

On behalf of our Brisbane Cell Group, I would like to express our sincerest gratitude and appreciation to all of you, for the unity and support you all have contributed for the glorious, abundance and victorious 1st yr anniversary of Faith, Love and Unity celebration of our dearest Yahweh El Shaddai in HIS  vineyard here in Brisbane.

Thank you so much to all of you who had come to share their time and talents and to celebrate with our Lord, and to you all our prayer partners, from Sydney chapter, our praiseworthy international disciple bro. Jhun Ilagan, the instrument of God in spreading out HIS good news and through the power of the spirit of God granted upon him, he has planted the seeds here in Brisbane and now bearing fruitfully, the Council and the amazing Sydney gospel choir, for all your unfailing support and being our inspiration as we continue in the faith and journey to our El Shaddai ministry. ;
from Adelaide chapter - an outreach participation of sis Grace in the music and to other prayer partners participated. To all our Queensland prayer partners; from Caboolture Cell Group who surprises us with the numbers of prayer partners came and celebrated with us. ; the heavenly liturgical dance by our prayer partners from Sunshine Coast Cell Group that gave a significant part to the celebration. ; the lively sound of joyful praise by Hervey Bay Cell Group that made our spirit dance to joy for the glory to the Lord, and for the kind cooperation of sis Rita, that has provided the projector and other accessories for the music. And certainly, for all the hard-work, unity and kindness of our Brisbane Cell Group, it was an amazing spirit of the Lord, as He unite each of us to work hand in hand unwearyingly with dedication, enduring time and effort for the service to the Lord and for the people, and I do believe that each and everyone had experienced the amazing presence of the Holy Spirit as HE moves around and touched each and everyone's heart, mind & soul. HE was there and HE is always with us Amen! Great is the Lord!

Congratulations and a big thank you to all!

Let us all come together and continue to serve our Yahweh El Shaddai, the people and each other as prayer partners.

To God be the glory forever and ever Amen!

God bless us all!

On behalf of Brisbane Cell Group

Sis Bong

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