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How do you start your days? - Bro Terry Jones

24/10/2011 09:44
Psalm 9:1
I will praise You, Lord, with all my heart;
I will tell of all the wonderful things You have done.
I don't always start my day right.
some mornings,I jump out of bed, go straight to the shower, get dressed and mumble to myself how late I am.
sometimes.there's breakfast, except it's not a healthy one-- like left-over plzza or left-overs from the fridge.
There are worse days; those when, opening my eyes,the first thing that comes into my head is worry.
Worries about bills, worry about what to preach, worry about schedules, worry about my weight, my loss of hair, about the dollar and the exchange rate, worry about terrorism, will I die a peaceful death, Blah- Blah- Blah.
PRAISE God there are a lot better days!
Mornings when, by  God's Grace, at that first instant, I am able to say my thanks, or those wonderfull mornings when I wake up in my beautiful wife's arms, or when the melodious sound of the birds welcome me to a brand new day.
 Even better still, is when I wake up to Praise and Worship songs, allowing me to Praise the Lord from sleep to waking.
That never fails.
Start your day with Praise,
and see what miracles await you, served fresh, every day by our wonderful all loving God,
                                       EL SHADDAI.
Copyright 2011 Bro Terry Jones, Caboolture.

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