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Mother Teresa Mission: A response - Sis Kathleen Francis

11/10/2010 08:50

It is not every day that you come accross people that are pure, kind, and willing to sacrifice all material things to serve a life of giving to those who have nothing but their faith and hope left.

At first, and being young and naive to the "real world" me and the girls we were initially not interested in watching religious movies or reading religious books (yes we admit) - instead we'd rather watch the everyday life that we already know almost as if we were not ready to accept that there is another side, a horrible side to the world we live in.

What's funny to me is that we have all these wonderful things, beautiful clothes and money in the bank, but really - are we truly happy? I know, that personally any thing that has made me happy thus far, has always ended, and left me hurt in one way or another yet we keep making these mistakes and letting these failures keep re-occuring
no matter how much we claim we learn.

I've always believed, that every individual has their time, and place, for when they realise certain lessons in life and even believe there comes a time of 'calling' as you may call it. And it feels as though  we know this was what we wanted all along, but we sometimes need that extra push to get our actions following through with our thoughts once.

Whether it be certain words of wisdom from your best friend / husband / child or whether it be a movie that you never thought you'd watch, or be interested in, that will touch you somewhere deep inside that you didn't know existed - and it's truly unexplainable.

Yes, I'm terrified of what I may see, and witness with my own two eyes but my eyes will adjust and we mustn't live life being fearful of everything or there's no way I could ever move forward, and this goes for any challenge- I cannot wait, to feel even close to how Mother Teresa felt, whilst helping those who have no one and to give something back that will go a lot further than money

There is work to be done, and it is not here in our comfort zone. With two hands, two feet - we are all capable of making a difference

I could ramble on forever about this, but I'll leave you with this note.....

You look at me, someone young, someone very influenced by Material things and quite obviously never dedicated as much time to the Church as you all do -  if this can get to me and inspire me not just a little, but enough to cancel my planned holiday to to Vegas or the Islands for my 21st birthday, just so I can spend the money on my India trip instead, I have no doubt in my mind that it can happen to the lost of the lost.....

Hope that's inspired you, especially to those young ones.


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