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Mother Teresa Misson - Bro Ed Palo

11/10/2010 04:24

I’m quite busy, however I took time to share to you what happened last night at home with some of the youths of North Ryde.  They’re having a movie night last night and it was almost midnight when one of them ask whether I’ve got some religious videos and I’ve given them the “Mother Teresa”.  They have been watching it and along the movie, some of them are very emotional and cried.

I think the spirit of Blessed Mother Teresa might have touched these kids and my daughter and Kathleen are determined that they want to go to India next year for a month mission with the Missionaries of Charity.  They were convicted with the movie and they’re were really inspired by the works of Mother Teresa.

I have been wanting Bella if she wants to go to India but she always said NO and that she would rather go to Europe after her HSC, however last night there was a turn around and now has that desire to do a mission work.  I told them that going there for a mission is not a holiday, it’s hard work and they have to get out of their comfort zone.  Try to let them visualize what I’ve done during my mission, however looks like that they’re determined.

I thank the Lord for putting to their heart that “seed” and I know that the Lord will nurtured and let it grow.  I have been thinking, contemplating and meditating upon these whilst in the car asking the Lord His will about this project next year and I know that He will provide for our needs i.e. airfares and pocket money.

I’ve got a call from a parishioner in Homebush thanking me for the contribution I’ve made for one of the parishioner (wife of former co-pastoral member) and for some reason tell her that I will be going on a mission again to India.  Being a devout Indian Catholic, she mentioned that her sister who is here in Sydney now to  look after their mum had some money and she might be able to help with the mission. I was flabbergasted with this offer and told her I’ll keep her abreast next year of the project.  Isn’t that amazing that I only confide it to the Lord last night and this morning and the wonders of provision.

“You are truly an amazing God, our Jehovah Jireh”  This confirms that our Lord is well pleased about this project.  I felt so elated that these kids would response to this kind of mission.  I know and believe that this will have a very profound impact on their lives and draw a more closer relationship with the Lord.  I believe that upon their return from this mission they will become a different person with a more wider perspective and understanding what really life is all about and their real purpose in life.  That giving oneself, sacrificing oneself, denying oneself and getting out of their comfort zone is one element of corporal works of mercy that will imbed to the very fibre core of their soul.

Please include them in your prayers and we’ll lift them up in our intercession.  If I can lead more youths to come next year, it would bring more glory to our Lord.


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