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Thank You, LORD! - Sis Delia Luke, Canberra Chapter

28/11/2011 12:31
Good morning & Praise the Lord!
I just want to thank you all on behalf of El Shaddai Canberra, for your presence, your prayers and support for the success of our 12th Anniversary celebration. We were blessed with your presence, the miracle weather, a testament of God's presence and His greatness. All things are possible indeed with our Yaweh El Shaddai, if we commit ourselves to the direction of God no matter how hard it may seem; Amen po ba? Let's keep our faith and focus our attention on God's work in our lives.
Happy and blessed Christmas to all and may our Yaweh El Shaddai bless and keep us all throughout the New Year 2012, and always!
 From the bottom of our hearts we give thanks; Thank You, LORD!
God bless us all!
Sis Delia
El Shaddai Canberra

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