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The Luneta Experience: Wow na Wow, Talaga! - Sis Delia L

01/10/2009 19:05

 Papuri at pasasalamat sa ating Yahweh EL Shaddai! Napakadakila at napakabuti

ng ating Panginoon!


Mula nang nag YES ako last year sa imbitasyon ni Bro Mike to all our Brothers and Sisters to attend the Silver Jubilee sa Manila, (kahit di ko alam kung saan ako kukuha ng pamasahe);

hanggang sa pag-alis patungong Amvel sa Manila, pag-attend ng Gawain, opening ng Shrine, pagkanta sa Luneta, pagbabad sa init, ulan, hanggang sa pagbalik dito sa Australia, going through check-in counters with excess luggage, immigration, customs; the BLESSINGS just started pouring in, and I mean really pour in continuously through and through.


WOW NA WOW, TALAGA! Hindi ko mabilang kung ilang beses ako napa “WOW”! 

True and faithful to HIS word talaga ang ating Panginoon. Nang sinabi ni Bro Mike na magsulat ng pitong (7) prayer requests, pito (7) nga ang sinulat ko, but deep in my heart and mind, God knows I had plenty to ask and pray for.


I’ve been asthmatic since I turned 40. Those who are asthmatic know what triggers the attack. Pero nababad man tayo sa tinding init, (lalo na sa Luneta), then buhos ng ulan, walang tulog, lahat ng ito ay hindi alintana at hindi man lang ako nakaramdam ng pagod at antok. 

I have never experienced this lightness before, especially when I saw the vast field of people, how strong their faith is, and neither did I see one na nakasimangot. Nakakahawa ang joy na mabasa mo sa mukha ng ating kababayang kapatid, kaya I am very proud I am a Filipino dahil I admire the faith of the Filipinos. WOW Talaga! I would never miss this experience, this feeling, for anything else. “Feel na Feel” ko ang presensiya ng ating Panginoon. Para akong nalilibutan ng mga Anghel. HIS presence in every person is felt in many diffrenet ways at all times; and I could not explain it. That’s the wonder of it. WOW!


Nakatanggap ako ng email from my sister in Manila, thanking me for spending my holiday with them even for a short time.. She said this is the first time that she saw me happy

(really happy, which made them happy too); and enjoying my stay there, and the FIRST time I DID NOT get sick (Palagi kasi akong nagkakasakit every time I go home for a visit).  WOW! Praise The Lord.


The blessings didn’t stop there; because when I got back here, and saw the specialist I’ve been referred to for my allergies, WOW! Again, because out of the ten (10) possible allergies he tested me with, only two(2) came out positive; which last two years ago, ten(10) out of twelve (12) came out positive.


Our God is really a good God all the time, because up to the very end HE continued to provide. We are very fortunate and blessed to take on the invitation of our good servant leader, Bro Mike Velarde, and get the chance to witness the Lord in our lives. Let us make this a challenge to live an obedient, upright and prayerful life so that through us, others would be able to see and believe in God’s salvation and greatness. PRAISE THE LORD! THANK YOU YAHWEH EL SHADDAI for letting me experience the most blessed happening in my life. THE LUNETA EXPERIENCE!


Sis Delia Luke

EL Shaddai Canberra Prayer Group

1 Oct 2009

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