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29/06/2011 15:22

"...and I will love him and reveal myself to him."  John 14:21

I received this spam mail today, and I believe that countless other people have. 

Hello, how are you? My name is Elena, i am 28 years, I live in Russian Federation. I am interested in acquaintance with you. I read about you and it would be pleasant for me to communicate with you so much. I look for serious relations and I will be happy to learn you closer. It will be very good if we can exchange some emails and photos. If you want to learn more details about me, you may answer me on my e-mail . And I will send you some photos and i will tell you about me. I will finish here. Waiting for your answer.


The author seemed to have used a bad translation program.  He was probably actually a balding guy with hairy chest and back, a scammer hoping to hoodwink somebody to send some money later on for an imaginary blonde Russian bride, but who never will be seen.  I thought however that the way the message was presented would be a way for God wanting to communicate with us.  So I am changing the words of the email, making a few corrections, and changing the sender's name to God's.  This would be Yahweh's spam mail.

Hello, [your name], how are you?


My name is Yahweh, I am eternal, I live in heaven. I am interested in getting acquainted with you. I know about you and it pleases me so much to communicate with you. I am looking for a serious relationship and I will be happy for you to know me better.


It will be very good if you can pray to me more often. If you want to learn more details about me, you may know me from the Bible, meditate and pray. And I will reveal to you more about me.


This is just the beginning. Waiting for your answer.




God constantly sends us messages like this into our minds and hearts, like incessant spam mails bombarding our mailbox, and they are always new every morning.  He wants us to know Him better.  He wants us to communicate more.  He wants a serious relationship.  He is always waiting for our response.


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