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The primary purpose of this website is to inform prayer partners in Australia and other interested parties on the latest updated information on Prayer Meeting venues all over Australia and all events and activities.  Additionally, prayer partners are encouraged to contribute testimonials, bible reflections and bible study resources. All El Shaddai prayer groups and cells in Australia are encouraged to send us information on activities you want to include in this website.  This website however will not be used as a storage for large galleries of pictures.  However, links can be provided for external sites which specialise in storing digital albums.  Due to demand, a small gallery of pictures is available but the number of pictures will be controlled to a minimum.



This website has been designed and is to be maintained by the Sydney Chapter Council.  It has been designed and published in such a way that any member of the Council with basic internet skills will be able to add, modify, and delete entries in this website easily.



1.0 3-August-2009 Initial release

1.2 14-September-2009 Added new sections (Silver Nuggets, and Reverberations)

1.3 22-September-2009 Added FLU Shots section

1.4 24-September-2009 Added LOGOS Trails section

1.5 27-September-2009 Added Picture Links - This links to an external album

1.6 1-October-2009 Featured Slideshow added below Picture Links

1.7 18-October-2009 Added Smiles Gallery for some selected pictures

1.8 17-December-2009 Added Video Links; Featured Slideshow deleted

1.9 8-May-2011 Added section New Testimonials






This website is maintained by:
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