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Contributions from our Pilgrims (and others) who experienced the 25th (Silver) Anniversary in Manila.  Your testimonials are welcome.

Silver Nuggets

24/02/2010 22:36

God's Faithfulness - Sis Ellie I.

God has allowed me to experience many beautiful things, the wonderful works of his had and mos of all the cha nce to be a blessing to others.  Many blessings I received while I was there in Manila.  And I thank our Yahweh El Shaddai for allowing me to taste his faithfulness and his provision.    Prior to the 25h anniversary celebration of El Shaddai in the Philippines, I...
26/12/2009 17:04

Most unforgettable and memorable - Sis Rosemarie Bacani

Praise God....Purihin ang Diyos !!! The most unforgettable and memorable experience I had in our 25th silver anniversary in Manila was so Incredible and amazing the way that people worshiping our living God thrue their own matter how far they are,too crowded the place was, and even the shower/rain it cant help to stop those people who want to stay and worship our living God because they...
30/11/2009 12:40

Miracles still do happen - Sis Aurelia C.

After the pilgrimage, I felt a lot more trusting, stronger, closer to and happier in the Lord.  I believe that there is nothing I can't do if ever God wants me to. All praise and glory to our God! Before I went to the pilgrimage, I was so worried that I might not be able to attend the overnight gawain due to the fact the during early mornings around 3:00AM my blood pressure would go...
30/11/2009 12:38

God made the impossible possible - Sis Lina H.

Attending the 25th Anniversary of El Shaddai was really unexpected.  God made the impossible possible.  While I was there, I experienced real joy and happiness.  Singing and dancing for the Lord, full of the Holy Spirit.  I saw only happy faces even after the overnight gawain or celebration.  My heart is full of love for the Lord.  Praise be to God.     Sis...
16/11/2009 12:09

Amazing, blessed and unforgettable - Bro Tom M

There are three words that I would describe my experience attending the 25th Anniversary in the Philippines. Amazing, blessed and unforgettable. It was my first time to attend an anniversary in the Philippines. It was great for it was not just a normal anniversary, but it was the 25th anniversary and I was with my wife and my son. I was amazed with the faith of our brothers and sisters in the...
01/11/2009 12:44

It's awesome! - Sis Ellen C.

Finally! Thanks be to God! Alleluia!!! I hope it will encourage others to spend holidays in the Phil. during El Shaddai Anniversary. It's awesome! to be with our brothers and sisters praising God. Inspite of heat, dust and rain mind you. In the middle of the night it rained. The worshipers did not bother moving from where they are. It's extraordinary...
01/10/2009 19:05

The Luneta Experience: Wow na Wow, Talaga! - Sis Delia L

 Papuri at pasasalamat sa ating Yahweh EL Shaddai! Napakadakila at napakabuti ng ating Panginoon!   Mula nang nag YES ako last year sa imbitasyon ni Bro Mike to all our Brothers and Sisters to attend the Silver Jubilee sa Manila, (kahit di ko alam kung saan ako kukuha ng pamasahe); hanggang sa pag-alis patungong Amvel sa Manila, pag-attend ng Gawain, opening ng Shrine, pagkanta sa...
30/09/2009 00:53

HE is alive and true to His promises - Sis Dorie T

Its true indeed that Yaweh El Shaddai is the God who is more than enough, HE is alive and true to His promises. I can say I’m one of the blessed pilgrim that went to Philippines to witness the Silver Jubilee of El Shaddai. God grant me all the blessings,financially, spiritually, physically, I’m not in good health when I left Sydney, I have terrible cough and cold, with a hoarse voice, but I...
22/09/2009 17:13

Thank God Happy and Prosperous Talaga – Sis Amy L.

Purihin si Yahweh pagkat siya ay mabuti. Ang masasabi ko lang po mga Bros and Sisters Thank God Happy and Prosperous Talaga. Thank God Happy sapagkat sa aming pagdalo ng 25th (Silver) Anniversary sa Manila ay tunay pong napakasaya, maraming biyaya, pagpapala, gabay, proteksiyon at mga himala ang ipinagkaloob sa amin ating mahal na Yahweh EL Shaddai. Una na lang po walang bagyong...
17/09/2009 09:31

We got the Holy Spirit very busy - Sis Rose M.

Hello to all our kapatiran sa El Shaddai. All glory to our God who is OMNIPOTENT AND OMNIPRESENT. I was one of those blessed to have made the trip to the Philippines for the Silver Anniversary of El Shaddai, and I thank Him for the opportunity and for me to even stay at Amvel. If I had bottled up my experiences at the celebration, I would have trouble going through Customs in Brisbane, because...
13/09/2009 14:00

Lord Maraming Salamat Po - C Jay B Jimenez

  Lord Maraming salamat po sa pagpapala at biyaya na pinagkaloob nyo po sa amen sa taong ginamet mo po upang ang pagsubok sa aming bahay ay aming napagtagumpayan sa pamagitan ng australlia Chapter ni Yahweh El Shaddai natubos po ang aming bahay at hindi pinuhintulutan na mawala ang aming tahanan. Muli maraming-maraming salamat po. God bless po sa inyong lahat Ang inyong Kapatid sa...
13/09/2009 00:00

A very wonderful and memorable experience - Sis Ester A.

 I give praise and thanks to Yahweh El Shaddai for a very wonderful and memorable experience I had during my holiday and attending the 25th Silver Jubilee celebration in Manila. I said it was a memorable one because it was totally different from all my previous holidays in the Philippines. First I want to give thanks to God for giving me the opportunity to go on 3 weeks vacation from my...
06/09/2009 16:30

Naguumapaw na kagalakan, kasayahan, at pagpapala - Sis Baby I.

Magandang magandang hapon po sa inyong lahat. At tunay pong napakabuti ng ating Panginoon sapagka't sa paguwi pa lamang po namin ay talagang bumuhos na po ang biyaya't  pagpapala ng Panginoon. Mula po sa aming mga pamasahe, kami po'y pinagpalang lubos. At tunay nga pong kami ay nakauwi ng bansang Pilipinas na very affordable talaga po ang aming mga pamasahe. Nagbigay po ang government at...
06/09/2009 14:00

The Best ang Australia - Sis Joy dT

Praise the Lord! Purihin po natin ang ating Diyos. Yahweh, salamat po sa lahat.  Talaga pong napabuti ng Diyos  Talagang masasabi ko na kasama natin ang Diyos nang umuwi tayo sa Pilipinas. Kasi po very successful po talaga yung gawain at yun pong mga feedback, kasi po ako ay nandooon lagi sa likod, yun pong feedback from mga disciples,  sa lahat lahat po,  talagang sinasabi...

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