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El Shaddai DWXI PPFI is a Catholic Charismatic movement started by Bro Mike Velarde on August 20, 1984.   The Sydney Chapter was officially inaugurated in September 1992 during which time Bro Mike first came to Australia.  Currently the main prayer meeting (gawain) in NSW is held in Rooty Hill, under the spiritual direction of Fr Raning Creta, Filipino chaplain of the Parramatta Diocese.  There are El Shaddai prayer groups and cell groups across all states except for Tasmania.  Please refer to the section on Prayer Groups for details.


The DWXI (El Shaddai) Prayer Partners Foundation International, Inc. is primarily a Catholic Charismatic Movement raised up by God Almighty with His Divine Anointing and Power to help Holy Mother Church proclaim the Good News of Salvation and a new life in Christ Jesus, our Living God and Saviour, from a layman's point of view and experience...  We are called to help Holy Mother Church evangelize those who have departed from the faith, into a community of active, victorious and joyous believers.

From the General Pastoral Guidelines and Omnibus Administrative Code for Service Volunteer Workers (2007 Revised Edition)

Bro Mariano "Mike" Z. Velarde, Founder and Servant-Leader

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