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EULOGY FOR BRO. TERRY JONES - Delivered by Sis Joy de Torres

21/05/2013 00:00

On behalf of the Sydney council members and prayer partners of El Shaddai DWXI Prayer partners Fellowship Int’l, Australia Chapter, we would like to express our deepest sympathy to the family, relatives and friends of Bro Terry Jones especially to his loving wife sis Edna and his children Skye and Joseph.

We all know that Bro Terry was a good man, a man of God. It was a bit weird that a white person would be an El Shaddai disciple-preacher as most disciple-preachers are Filipinos. But he proved to be a faithful and loyal servant of the Lord, quietly and humbly serving, bringing the word of God to the Queensland cell groups of Hervey Bay, Sunshine Coast, Caboolture and Brisbane. We have met many disciple-preachers but Bro Terry was one that we could truly say was a humble and well-loved preacher. He kept in his wallet the ID Card that identified him as a duly recognised preacher and he treasured it. He treasured the study of the Living Word of God and imparted his experience and knowledge to his brothers and sisters especially here in Queensland in the spirit of El Shaddai. Drawing them closer to God and helping them grow more spiritually. He was dedicated to the El Shaddai movement and to the Catholic Church. He never stopped being a faithful and loyal servant.

Bro Terry was not one who complained when the assignments given him were difficult and inconvenient. One proof of this was when we celebrated the Sydney Anniversary in the Sunshine Coast bringing with us the whole Sydney team, choir and other ministries. Logistically, it was difficult to manage but with the help of El Shaddai and people like Bro Terry, the anniversary was successful. Bro Terry was assigned among other things as Disciple on Duty for the Council and the Disciple-in-Charge, who was then Bro Gomer Velarde. Bro Terry was at the time not in his best form but Bro Terry never complained about whatever tasks or assignments were given to him no matter what the situation, even in his worst physical condition. Whenever you ask him how he was, he would always say that everything's good. During the Hervey Bay anniversary, I noticed that he was not well, but when I asked him how he was, he still answered me, I’m good and carried his oxygen tank and pause for a photo. He was a good and faithful servant of Yahweh El Shaddai. The Sydney council members really admired him and grateful to him for being an obedient disciple of El Shaddai ministry.

Bro Terry was a fighter. He was always of good cheer even when he was finding it hard to keep his body working in line with his calling. In the last few weeks, he had to be put even on oxygen as his normal breathing function was not sufficient to maintain his health. He carried his oxygen tank with him to the prayer meetings. He was at the last Hervey Bay Anniversary earlier this month where he delivered his last healing message as well last May 11. He came with his oxygen tank. Nothing would stop him. Up to his last breath he worked for the glory of God. He was a persistent, good and faithful servant of Yahweh El Shaddai. I remember during the time that I was in the midst of trials in this ministry, he called me and told me, Sis Joy, don’t worry, we are with you, God is with you, be strong and don’t give up. I just realized that he himself did not give up serving the Lord up to his last breath. In today’s gospel it says, it is not the amount of power, or wealth, or influence, or fame or anything else like that, that makes a person truly great. It is humility and faith that will make a person great.

Bro Terry was not rich here on earth. We all know that. Those who were very close to him especially know this to be an undeniable fact. He dwelt humbly and lived with whatever God gave him and his beloved family. But what some of you may not know is that Bro Terry Jones was a big investor. He made a very big investment. He put all his mind, body and spirit into his investment. In this investment, he was a sure winner because he invested in the kingdom of God. He put investment in so many shares of stock in heaven by his diligence, his good nature, his kindness, his faithfulness, his willingness to share what he could give while he was on earth. Now his investment has paid off. He is now receiving dividends hundreds of hundreds times over from the kingdom of God. He now has a new address. He now lives in a mansion. God has told him, “Well done, good and faithful servant. Enter into the joy of your master!”

Bro Terry, thank you so much! Congratulations! Job well done! Your memories, your kindness, your goodness, your faithfulness will always be remembered, treasured, and missed by all of us. You will always be our greatest inspiration. We will not say good bye to you but rather we say, will see you later.... May your soul rest in peace. God bless you!

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