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15/11/2011 20:15
Matt. 17:20
"It was because you did not have enough faith"' answered Jesus.
Impatient, that's what I've always been. When I get into something, I aways want to see results immediately. I don't stop and think about the consequences that this "thrill seeking could bring.
The rush of wanting to get promotions, of owning a home, a perfect family instantly......
all these I wanted yesterday. and with this rush to see things through, I most of the time trip and fall flat on my face.
But on hindsight, I now realize that Jesus is telling me to "STOP and just have Faith."
Faith that everything will work out.
Faith that everything will unfold on its own.
Faith that, with Christ, I don't need to be always in a hurry.
And this same Faith, even the littlest grain of it, will make me acquire everything that God intended for me to have.
With Faith in Jesus and His plans for me,I could indeed move mountains.
Trusting God is an adventure in itself. Not knowing what each step may bring, but having that ultimate stronghold on His knowledge and goodness, is truly a wonderfull and breathtaking experience.
With Faith in God and His goodness, we are able to achieve the mission He has set out for us to do.
(c) 2011 Bro Terry Jones, Caboolture   

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