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Miracles still do happen - Sis Aurelia C.

30/11/2009 12:40

After the pilgrimage, I felt a lot more trusting, stronger, closer to and happier in the Lord.  I believe that there is nothing I can't do if ever God wants me to. All praise and glory to our God!

Before I went to the pilgrimage, I was so worried that I might not be able to attend the overnight gawain due to the fact the during early mornings around 3:00AM my blood pressure would go really low that I would actually faint.  But Praise God,  I was able to withstand the heavy rain, my clothes being soaked, and I did not FAINT.  Praise the Lord!  Moreover, I had my  prayer request answered even before the celebration finished.  Indeed miracles still do happen.  Truly God is so good!


Sis Aurelia Carter, Hervey Bay, QLD

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