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Praise the Lord Lazarus has risen!!!!!!! - Bro Terry Jones

22/02/2011 00:31
Matt 5:38-48
One day,a man decided that life was too hard for him to bear. rather than commit suicide, he bought a large corrugated iron tank, and furnished it simply with the necessitties of life- a bed to sleep on, books to read, food to eat, electric light and heating, and even a large crucifix on the wall to remind him of God and help him to pray.
There he lived a blameless life without interruption from the world. But there was one great hardship.
Morning and evening, without fail, volleys of bullets would rip through the walls of his tank. He learned to lie on the floor to avoid being shot. Nevertheless he did at times sustain wounds, and the iron walls were pierced with many holes that let in the wind and the daylight, and some water when the weather was bad.
He plugged up the holes, he cursed the unknown marksman, but the police, when he appealed to them were unhelpful, and there was little he could do about it on his own.
So he was forced to live with it. By degrees, he began to use the bullet holes for a positive purpose. He would gaze out through one hole or another, and watch the people passing, the children flying kites, the clouds in the sky,the wind in the trees, and the birds that came to feed on the heads of grass. He would forget himself in observing these things.
So when the day came when the tank rusted and fell to pieces, he walked out of it with little regret. there was a man with a gun standing outside.
" I suppose you will kill me now," said the man who had come out of the tank. " But before you do, I would like to know one thing. Why have you been persecuting me?  Why are you my enemy, when I have never done you any harm?"
The other man smiled at him and laid down his gun.
"I am not your enemy", he said.
And the man who had come out of the tank saw that there were scars on the other man's hands and feet, and these scars were shining like the sun.
by anon.
As we go through life we need to come out of our shell. we do live in a world of different people. we need to share with them all the love we can. Weren't we told " Love one another as I have loved you."
When we keep to ourselves we live in fear- fear of many things- Love -Money-Being robbed- Being bashed, fear of the person with different coloured skin. Fear of anything different.
Everyone is different and we must mingle- mix with all types. Get to know people, get to share God's Word with people-" Love one another,"
Jesus didn't come just for one race of people, He came for all of us, and He wants all of us to come back to Him.
Many people of many races making up one Body of Christ.
Can you do it ?
Do you want to do it?
Will you do it?
Now is the time to make your decision.
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