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There ain't no Commonwealth Bank in Heaven - Bro Terry J.

01/12/2009 09:27

But in those days,after that suffering, the sun will be darkened,and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will be falling from heaven,and the powers in the heavens will be shaken.    Mark 13:24-25.

Bro Terry, Queensland Preacher DiscipleMy first thought after reading these passages was "Man, how many times have they told me the world was going to end on that day or this day". No doubt you have felt the same. Even in our cinemas at the moment is the movie 2012 about the end of the earth. But then I thought I wonder how those people in Victoria felt who were in those bush fires in February? Imagine how they must have felt? Fire everywhere, sky black unable to see. No one able to see the sun or the moon,sparks from the burning trees would fill the sky so it looked like the stars were falling, how frightening! How many of those people would have been thinking, is this the end of the world?  They must have felt that our text was happening to them, and for some it was their last day.

We never know when that time will be.  Jesus tells us that He doesn't know our last day, only the Father does. So what do we do about it?

When I look at myself it really makes me think hard. Why?  Let's look.

I was born in 1945.

Pronounced dead in 1949.

Twenty years later  in 1969 pronounced dead again.

Twenty seven years later 1996 massive angina attack- arteries 90% blocked, 10 hrs on the operating table.

Since then till now numerous heart attacks.


You would think someone was telling me something wouldn't you?

Now if I don't make sure that I am ready, after all those warnings for that day when the Lord Calls, and it is my last day, I would be a great big fool. We say to our kids, " How many times must I tell you not to do this or that, but you still don't listen."  Sound familiar?
So let us think how many times is Jesus telling us, Be prepared.  Don't let another second go by and not do something towards your future in eternity.  Remember the short time is here on earth, Eternity is forever.  We have to be ready for that day when we are called.

Are we ready to meet the Lord? Have we done our preparation?  Are we NOT afraid to die? Are we keeping the laws of the land as well as the laws of God?

Or are we still worrying about
How much money I have to make!
How many houses I need here on earth!
How many clothes I need to wear!
How many shoes I need !
How much bling do I need.

I can assure you there ain't no Commonwealth Bank in Heaven. what you have here on earth you will leave here on earth for someone else to do what they like with, not what you want done. The Good News of the end of the world tells us that in the final analysis, evil will catch up with the evildoer, and justice will again be just. This will be in Gods Kingdom, which this life is only a preparation.

Brothers & Sisters when you say the Lords Prayer today, let us all mean it when we say, "Thy Kingdom Come"


Let us say to the Lord "Sorry for not listening, please accept us now as we need you. Guide us on our journey to You and keep us always in Your care." Amen.


Copyright 2009 Bro Terry Jones, Queensland

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