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We got the Holy Spirit very busy - Sis Rose M.

17/09/2009 09:31

Hello to all our kapatiran sa El Shaddai. All glory to our God who is OMNIPOTENT AND OMNIPRESENT. I was one of those blessed to have made the trip to the Philippines for the Silver Anniversary of El Shaddai, and I thank Him for the opportunity and for me to even stay at Amvel. If I had bottled up my experiences at the celebration, I would have trouble going through Customs in Brisbane, because there were plenty. I am sure my God had the final say for me to whether go or not to Manila. Two weeks prior to going, there was a big temptation to cancel the whole thing off because I was scared of doing the trip without my husband. He was always the one doing the packing of the bags and holding my hand in the plane, but this time he wasn't going to there for he's gone home to Him. My loving God reminded me that the trip was for Him and he is the centre of my life now. Two things stood out from that whole experience for me: It showed me the resilience of our Filipino people and proud of how they received and welcomed us. They reminded me by watching them, that once upon a time, I, too, had to put up 365 days of summer heat, and not a whimper. No reklams, Bro. Mike said. So I really enjoyed standing with them shoulder to shoulder in the blazing heat and sang, praised and danced, all for His glory. The other experience was the overnight prayer meeting. This is amazing because if there were a million people that night at the Park, well we got the Holy Spirit very busy because whilst we did everything: prayed, sang,danced,laughed, cried, talked in the midst of the meeting- the presence of the Holy Spirit was still strong. It was an experience to last me a lifetime and count me in for the next 25 years. Thank you and purihin natin and Diyos!!
Sis. Rose M.

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